Holistic Nutrition & Mental Wellness For Evolving Folks that Crave a Delicious Life of Fulfillment

Less recipe following. More trusting your senses.

Tired Of Settling for a life of symptoms, self-abandonment, & Quick fixes?

Ready to embark on a journey of getting unstuck and feeling good in your mind, body, & soul instead?

The Fulfilled Fork exists to support folks with mental health differences as they transcend old stories into ever-present narratives that empower them to confidently dig into their most flavorful, fulfilled lives. We guide you through strengthening your relationship with self through sustainable lifestyle changes and provide personalized, holistic nutrition and mental wellness coaching that not only enhances traditional mental healthcare, but makes all folks feel at home in their bodies, minds, and souls. 


Functional Nutrition & Mental Health Lifestyle Coaching


1:1 Private Coaching

Private mentorship is for evolving folks who are craving healing, presence, and embodiment of mind-body-soul wellness. Expand your awareness an align your energy with your values so that you can cook up your most flavorful, fulfilling life.

Functional Testing

Nutrigenomic Testing

You are your own medicine and nothing is a better “fix” for your body than understanding your body on a cellular level. Here at TFF, we use nutrigenomics to tap into your genetic blueprint. Once you find clarity on your direction and a deepened awareness of your body’s unique needs, you are able to move past the guesswork and cultivate nutrition & lifestyle practices that make you come alive in your design. Experience nutrigenomics as an add-on to private coaching. Self-paced format coming soon.

words from clients

“1:1 Coaching at The Fulfilled Fork gives you the foundations to completely change the trajectory of your life.

“Investing in your health is something that you’ll never regret doing if you go in 100% committed and ready to learn. I would tell people to give it a shot! Knowing how I feel now [versus before TFF], I couldn’t put a price tag on it. It’s priceless to now feel the way I do. Haley is an amazing person and a great coach. Anyone could learn so much from her.”

– Tori, Private Client

words from clients

Coaching with Haley has helped me find myself and live better.

Coaching has shifted my mood, my energy levels, and the outcome of my cancer diagnosis [Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia]. I’m not putting myself last anymore. [Coaching] has helped my frame of mind, quality of life, and overall well-being.

– Angie, Private Coaching

words from clients

“Learning from Haley is freeing. This is a whole different approach to helping people help themselves.”

“For the first time in years, I feel hope. I feel like [coaching is] helping me live my best life. I’m learning the tools that help me be strong, am understanding why I do the things that I do, and what I can do to help myself. It’s like for the first time, I feel free. I didn’t even know that I wasn’t free until I felt the opposite.”

– Angela, Private Client



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Howdy! Haley Here.

I'm a Trauma-Informed Functional Medicine Dietitian, Holistic Mental Health Lifestyle Coach, & the Founder of The Fulfilled Fork

I've struggled (big time!) AND I've changed my own life. I'd be honored to support you in aligning with your healthiest, most fulfilled life, too.

Devoted to evolving conventional mental healthcare, I lead The Fulfilled Fork with a trauma-informed, value-based approach to holistic nutrition and wellness. I mentor overwhelmed, yet evolving folks with mental health differences as they safely soften into awareness and expand their comfort zones to live a delicious life of fulfillment. Not only because I have experienced the burden of a bland, one-size-fits-all-mentality to healthcare, but because I believe that all folks of all health conditions deserve to feel at home in the souls and bodies they inhabit. 

You deserve to live a flavorful and fulfilled life.

The Fulfilled Fork Recipe

3 Steps To Taste Trauma-Informed Nutrition & Mental Wellness Coaching

Step 1:

Reserve a Complimentary Support Call

When you’re ready to take your life back, book a complimentary support call by filling out the accompanying questionnaire.

Step 2:

Chat with Haley, Dietitian

We’ll hop on a quick, no pressure phone or video call to: meet, ask questions, and discuss next steps based on your unique needs and desires regarding your mind-body-soul health.  If we determine that TFF’s services are right for you, we’ll move on to step 3!

Step 3:

Let’s Start Cheffing!

A link to book your first private coaching session will be plated up via email. Together we will discover and implement holistic nutrition & lifestyle practices that bring the most flavor and nourishment to your life. Let’s dig in!

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