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If you’re done feeling frustrated every time you think about what to eat and you’re ready to end the cycle of chasing quick fixes and jumping from healthcare practitioner to healthcare practitioner with no lasting improvement to your mental and physical health…

Then it’s time to make a commitment to improve your health and embody your most flavorful, fulfilled life through the Mental Wellness Breakthrough session.

For courageous folks who are Ready to ditch the physical and mental health symptoms, Take their life back, and embody Their most flavorful, fulfilled life

The mental wellness breakthrough is for you if…

  • You’re ready to work with Haley at The Fulfilled Fork and want to book your first session so that you can sign up for a long-term holistic nutrition & mental wellness coaching package to step into sustainable results 
  • You feel like you’re “missing a piece of the puzzle” to step into your next level of health and are tired of endlessly searching the internet and reading books to try and figure out what the missing piece might be and how to fix it.
  • Your desired next level of health looks like better hormone balance, improved gut health, increased energy levels, decreased depression and anxiety, quality sleep, and more stability with your moods.
  • You’re tired of jumping between health practitioners and want to learn how to maintain your results in a way that not only fits your lifestyle but is also sustainable (rather than attempting to follow an extremely strict, impossible-to-follow one-size-fits-all “protocol” over the long term).
  • You’re the type of person who values your health and wellness as a long-term journey and investment.
  • You’re willing to look at your shit with self-compassion (AKA – the unhelpful patterns/beliefs/habits, etc. that are keeping you stuck with your health) and are ready to expand beyond them into new ways of thinking, being, & doing to move towards and manifest your next level of health
  • You’re ultimately ready to discover, align, and embody your most flavorful, fulfilled life.

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Check Out These Incredible Mental Wellness Transformations

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Tori Karr
Tori Karr
Working with Haley and the Fulfilled Fork literally changed my life. That sounds dramatic but it's true! I had an extremely unhealthy relationship with food prior to working with Haley but through coaching, Haley helped me to heal and gain valuable tools that will last a lifetime. I now have the confidence to build healthy meals that support and sustain me and I was able to break lifelong bad habits and beliefs surrounding nutrition and its connection to both physical and mental health. Haley is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and personable. Her one-on-one and customized plans made me feel valued and understood for the first time in a long time. I would highly recommend reaching out to her for help regaining control over your life and advice on building a better and healthier future for yourself!
Angela Hopkin
Angela Hopkin
Before I started working with Haley I viewed food as an enemy. I was out of control. I would snack all the time, I was always hungry, I had a candy addiction. I used food to help me cope with anxiety, boredom, you name it. Working with Haley was a complete change for me. I learned things that I hadn’t known and I was in my later 50s. It was embarrassing at first but she quickly put me at ease. She helped me face things that I didn’t realize were underlying obstacles. No other program has come close to this. She also does nutrigenomics, and that helped a lot too. Understanding better what my own body does and what to be aware of were huge helps. I would definitely, wholeheartedly recommend this program and Haley. This isn’t a quick fix, this is down to basics and building up. You will feel a freedom you didn’t know was possible.
Angela Gammel
Angela Gammel
I knew I was eating okay most of my adult life. I generally felt pretty good & was somewhat active...BUT, once I began working with Haley, my eating habits, activity & mental awareness skyrocketed!! I have MORE energy, & I feel SO much better & more alert now. She never made me feel like a fool when asking her ANY questions. She was always friendly, kind, caring & concerned about everything we talked about. She is so intelligent & friendly, you feel like you've know her all your life. I highly recommend Haley's services. You WON'T be sorry. I'm not! Angie Gammel


Your Holistic Mental Wellness Breakthrough Includes:

  • In-depth holistic nutrition & mental wellness assessment 
  • 90-minute nutrition & mental wellness consultation session with Haley, functional registered dietitian nutritionist and holistic mental wellness coach
  • Personalized feedback, recommendations, and next steps based on your health history, current and desired lifestyle, and goals

This Mental Wellness Breakthrough Session is Available to New Clients Only

 Get Your Mental Wellness Breakthrough for a one-time payment of $350

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