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Low Vitamin D and Mental Health: Are Your Genetics a Factor?

What to Know About Vitamin D Deficiency This Mental Health Awareness Month As Mental Health Awareness Month kicks off and each day brings us a bit more warmth and sunshine (thank you, springtime!!), I’m focusing this month’s blog on one of the most well-known...

The Surprising Link Between Choline Deficiency and Mental Health

Did you know that consuming adequate amounts of dietary choline decreases the risk of mental health-related symptoms such as depression and anxiety? Yep! There is a huge link between having a choline deficiency and your mental health status. Even if you tend to...

How B Vitamin Nutrient Deficiencies Affect Your Mental Health

Contrary to popular belief, nutrient deficiencies CAN affect your mental health. In fact, a number of factors affect our mental health including diet, lifestyle, genes, hormones, brain chemistry, and even life experiences (helloooo, trauma). So, yes, certain nutrient...

An Introduction to Using Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics to Support Your Mental Health

By now, you may already understand the connection between nutrition and mental health and the HUGE effect diet has on psychological well-being. But what you may not know is that the right good-mood foods and supplements for one person may not be the best option for...

Good Mood Foods – The Connection Between Nutrition & Your Mood

Let’s unpack some of the exciting (and preliminary) new research about the link between gut health, mood, and stress. In this article, we're talking about your friendly gut microbes, probiotic foods, and supplements, as well as offering some simple recipes to keep...

The Little-Known Link Between Good Nutrition and Mental Health

If you’re familiar with my mental wellness story, you know how badly I struggled with my mental health. It wasn’t until I began to understand the connection between nutrition and mental health that I learned to optimize my physical, psychological, and emotional...

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