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Ep 20: How a Growth Mindset Transforms Your Eating Habits and Nutrition

Can your mindset really determine your success in starting and maintaining healthy eating habits?  Maintaining healthy eating habits is a common challenge for many people, often influenced by societal and cultural views on "good" and "bad" foods. The latest podcast...

Ep 19: 5 Simple Vagus Nerve Exercises for Digestion

Did you know that the vagus nerve, the longest cranial nerve stretching from your brain to your large intestine, plays a crucial role in your digestion, mood regulation, and overall well-being? In this episode of Unforked, we dive into the incredible role of the vagus...

Ep 18: How to Overcome Health Information Overload and Take Aligned Action

Are you often overwhelmed by the constant barrage of health and wellness advice?  In the latest episode of Unforked, titled "How to Overcome Health Information Overload and Take Aligned Action," host Haley tackles the often overwhelming effect of health information...

Ep 17: How to Ditch Symptom Patching and Embrace Healthy Lasting Habits

Have you ever felt that conventional healthcare just patches up your symptoms with no lasting results? You’re not alone. In this latest episode of Unforked, we explore the power of holistic nutrition and mental wellness. It offers a new perspective on achieving true...

Ep 16: How to Unlock Personalized Nutrition: Your Genetic Blueprint Explained

In the latest episode of the Unforked podcast, we explore the fascinating world of genetics and its big influence on mental and physical wellness. Hosted by Haley, a trauma-informed functional medicine dietitian and holistic mental wellness coach, this episode breaks...

Ep 15: Reclaiming Self-Worth Through Unconventional Holistic Mental Wellness Practices

What if embracing your true self could unlock the doors to grounded confidence, resilience, and a profound sense of purpose? Join me in today's episode as we explore the deep interconnections between authenticity, body image, and achieving life's goals....

Ep 14: Why Surrender and Understanding Your Nervous System Can Accelerate Goal Achievement and Enhance Mental Wellness

Text Haley Your Question or Feedback Here What if surrendering control could actually help you achieve your goals faster? What if I told you that understanding and being mindful of your nervous system responses is crucial to achieving your goals and maintaining...

Ep 13: Why Embracing Courage, Self-Trust, Sustainability, and Expansion Matter For Better Mental Wellness

The latest episode of UnForked is a feast for those hungry for personal growth, as we dig into the essence of the Fulfilled Fork's mission, vision, and core values (courage, self-trust, sustainability, and expansion). If you're ready to cultivate a life that is as...

Ep 12: How to Use Creativity as a Portal to Greater Health and Fulfillment (Part 2)

Join me in exploring how nourishing yourself through creative practices can support your mental wellness journey. In today's episode: 0:03 Creativity and Fulfillment 4:46 Empowering Self-Expression Through Creativity 13:29 Ways Creativity Influences Mental Wellness...

Ep 11: How To Craft Tailored Affirmations That Transform Your Mental Wellness (Part 2)

Today's episode is an empowering dive into the nuances of making affirmations stick, not just in your mind, but in your daily experiences. We'll explore how aligning your actions with your words, and your words with your deepest values can rewire your brain...

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