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If you’re done struggling with apathy, anxiety, mood swings, low energy, and stress as a part of your everyday life and you’re ready to end the cycle of trying to convince yourself that you’re fine and don’t need help…

Then it’s time to take your life back through holistic nutrition and lifestyle practices to improve your mind-body-soul health.

Feeling better IS possible for you.

Finally getting the support you need IS possible for you.

Living your most aligned, fulfilled life IS possible for you.

How do I know? Because I’ve lived through it.

Now, my mission is to help you do the same.

Are you feeling…

  • Overwhelmed and extremely confused about where to start when it comes to improving the health of your mind-body-soul
  • Tired of trying to DIY your health via random articles on the internet, podcasts, what your friends/family are telling you to try, and random health influencers with no credentials/qualifications
  • Like you’ve tried it all over the years with very little or no results?!
  • Out of control when it comes to your mind-body-soul health? Like you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again and can’t break the cycle?
  • Unheard, unseen, and like you’re not being treated as a whole being when you’ve tried to get help with your  in the past
  • Ready to move past the fears that are keeping you stuck and finally embark on (or move deeper into) your journey of holistic mind-body-soul wellness

Would you like to…

  • Boost your energy levels and regularly feel increased mental clarity (bye-bye fatigue and constantly drinking caffeine!!)
  • Join a like-minded community that will support and inspire you to make better choices when it comes to feeling healthier and more content with your mind-body-soul
  • Feel confident and comfortable when it comes to being in your body and making healthy habits a lifestyle 
  • Have more stable moods and be better able to manage anxiety, stress, and depression when it arises (because we’re all human and these things do come up)
  • Be able to make (and regularly choose!) meals that are not only healthy and nourishing, but also keep you feeling satisfied
  • Improve your overall health (and ultimately live your most fulfilled life!) through movement, nutrient-dense, delicious foods, stress management, and life changing behavior & identity-work. Yes, the membership teaches you not only the HOW, but also the WHY so that you can step into inspired action when it comes to your mind-body- soul health. 

Holistic nutrition & lifestyle education and mentorship change your entire life and your relationship with it. 

Depression, anxiety, mood swings, and chronic stress create frustration, confusion, and cost a lot of time and money whenever you ignore your misery or try to DIY your mental and physical health.

What you’ll get from The Membership saves time and money and inspires action from a place of personal power that’s rooted in science.

Depression, anxiety, mood swings, and chronic stress trigger procrastination & compromise your health.

The Membership instills confidence, provides personalized support, and creates consistent results faster.  

Depression, anxiety, mood swings, and chronic stress hide your gifts, talents, and full potential from yourself and the world.

What you’ll learn from The Membership helps you see yourself and the world from a new lens so you have the support, trust in yourself, and power to show up for yourself (and others) from a place of pure love and gratitude. This is part of what living your most fulfilled life looks like.

the power of The MEmbership

This program is for you if…

  • You’re looking for a lifestyle change….NOT A DIET, quick fix, or a “one size fits nobody” approach
  • You are looking for an affordable, but valuable entry into holistic mind-body-soul wellness. You are not ready for intensive 1:1 coaching, but still want the LIVE personalized support, like-minded community, & education 
  • You’re interested in receiving evidence-based, holistic education on a wide variety of topics in nutrition, cooking, stress management, wellness, health, fitness, and MORE
  • You have completed one of my (or someone else’s health/wellness program) and are looking for ongoing, continued personalized support, education, and community
  • You’re ready to believe (and act) that you have the power to choose and create your most healthy, fulfilled life in each moment 
  • You’re willing to look at your shit with self-compassion (AKA – the unhelpful patterns/beliefs/habits, etc. that you keep finding yourself in) and are ready to expand beyond them into a new way of thinking, being, & doing
  • You’re ultimately ready to discover, align, and step into your most fulfilled life – whatever that looks like for you

The truth is you’re alive for a purpose. While that purpose looks different for each one of us, your higher-self and the world needs you to stand up, show up, and align yourself to your most fulfilled life.

I’m here to help you make that happen.

Consider me your mental wellness mentor so that you can feel better in your mind-body-soul with more ease than ever before and finally show up for yourself powerfully and consistently.

Now is your time. Your higher self and the world is ready for you.


Introducing The Membership

A holistic mental wellness community + portal where I help you to release old thought patterns and past programming, gain education and tools, and support you in embodying your new habits, so that you can feel AMAZING in your mind-body- soul AND be on the path of your most fulfilled life.  


Think of it as an online mind-body-soul wellness retreat to help you find joy in health, yourself, and life.

Every single month, I deliver one holistic mental wellness master class to help you master the topic of the month. Plus you get access to a private community of super cool, like-minded folks for support on your journey AND are invited to one LIVE 60-minute Q&A sesh with me every month! The monthly Q&A sesh is your chance to ask Haley questions and receive personalized coaching.

And, if that’s not enough, you’ll have access to my Nutrition for Mental Wellness 101 course so you can grasp and implement nutrition fundamentals like a pro and start making improvements in your health now. 


That means that the Membership is complete with education, community, and support…EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.



black woman working on laptop in kitchen with plates of breakfast
Part 1: Education

Education empowers you. When you have the knowledge, you are able to make the most informed choices for your life, happiness, and health.

New education modules will be posted on the first of each month. Watch/read the content as many times as you need to let it settle and soak in. Bonus modules will pop up as a surprise! I’ll let you know when bonus materials are available in the portal. All education is archived and on demand for you to elevate whenever, wherever.

Part 2: Alignment

Alignment: Matching your actions up with your values in each moment. This is to act with integrity and practice embodying the education and actions to step into your most fulfilled life.

LIVE Zoom Q&A with Haley – 2nd Thursday of each month at 5-6 PM MST.  If you aren’t able to make it live, replays will be available in the portal. Zoom calls are the perfect place to receive personalized feedback and to go deeper into understanding and aligning with each concept.

Part 3: Transformation

Transformation: The real, continuous work to unravel your past patterns and programming. The metamorphosis to living your best, most fulfilled life is a lifelong commitment as it is ever-evolving.

Long-term transformation requires support and a safe, fun, supportive community of like-minded individuals. This is where The Tribe comes in to play! The Tribe is a group chat available to you 24/7 so you can ask questions, get support or feedback, share wins/recipes/progress/etc.! 

The Membership Lineup

The 2023 Master Class Education Topics  

  • January: The Secret to Structuring Satisfying & Satiating Meals

  • February: Goals: How to Set & Achieve Goals (and why you may struggle with them)

  • March: Overcoming Emotional Eating

  • April: Stress-Gut Connection: How Stress is Sabotaging your Health

  • May: Cultivating Self-Compassion for Improved Mind-Body-Soul Health

  • June: Tips & Tricks to Boost Nutrient Density of Your Meals

  • July: Becoming a Mindful Eater

  • August: Balancing Blood Sugar for Optimized Mental/Physical Health

  • September: Dismantling Diet Culture – Dissolving Harmful Beliefs/Habits

  • October: The Power of Cruciferous Vegetables for Mental/Physical Health

  • November:  Using Breathwork to Release Stuck Energy

  • December: Mastering Metabolism

special offers!

Plus, get these special offers to support your progress (only available for TFF – The Membership Tribe).

Special Offer #1: Bonus Content

Bonus content such as pop-up medications, workouts, education, LIVE sessions, etc. throughout the year! This membership is jam-packed with information to elevate you into wellness and your most fulfilled life.

Special Offer #2: Exclusive Discounts

The Membership Tribe will have access to a special 20% members-only discount on supplements and will also receive a surprise discount to use on any of my other programs!

Special Offer #3: Meal Planning

Exclusive offer on customized or static meal plans made to fit your unique dietary needs and lifestyle! This is an add on that is only available to The Membership Tribe!

Client Successes

I don’t see food as an enemy anymore.

“I look at food as a way to make me feel better. I like eating real food now and I don’t ever want to go back to a time where I’m eating processed foods. This program can literally change people’s lives and the way they feel about themselves. It’s down to earth information that you use in every day life.”

– Angela H.

Client Successes

I feel like I’m prioritizing my health in a better way now and actually making choices that align with where I want to go in life.

I’m gaining my health back day by day. I’m less stressed, more confident in my food choices, and feel like I can keep my depression and anxiety under control more now that I’m listening to my body and mind.

– Tori K.

Client Successes

I’m feeling more positive, less stressed, and I have a lot more energy!

I’m feeling less tired, less aching joints, more alert & happy, and less stressed. 

– Angie G.

meet your mentor

Howdy! I’M haley

I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and chronic fatigue (big time!) AND I’ve changed my own life. I’d be honored to support you in aligning with your healthiest, most fulfilled life, too.

While I will never see exactly what life is like from your shoes, I sure can relate. I know how difficult it is to imagine a life outside of chronic stress, confusion, and attempting to do “all the things”. Let alone, to dig my way out from the weight of living an unfulfilling (and perhaps somewhat miserable) life.

As your mentor, educator, and fellow human (who wants nothing but the absolute best for you, btw), it’s my job to make sure all the features of your highest self are brought to life and continuously fed. 

I created The Mentorship to inspire, teach, and support beautiful humans like you in improving your mental health holistically (what I sum up as mind-body-soul health) so that you can experience living your most aligned, fulfilled life. Will you be next? 


What is holistic mental wellness?
I can't make it to the live calls. Are they available for replay?
I want to add a meal plan. How much does it cost?
Why is The Membership only $11?!
Can I cancel my membership?
I hear you offer additional nutritional DNA testing and functional nutrition labs. I'd like more information on this.
I want even more personalized support and to speed up my results. What are your high-level coaching programs?

Do you have another question? Send me a message and let me know what’s holding you back. We’ll chat about if The Membership is the right fit for you.

Are you ready to INVEST IN YOUR Mind-body-soul HEALTH?

Gain access to the The Membership portal + private community today!

The Membership – Monthly Payments

Easy monthly payments. Cancel any time.


What you get as a part of The Membership

– Instant access to The Membership portal & TFF education library

– 1 new master class training every month

– Access to The Membership content vault for the duration of your membership

– 1 Live Monthly Q&A Call with Haley

– Access to The Tribe (a private community + a space to get personalized support)

– Bonus workouts, education, journals, meditations, etc. as they drop

– Discount on customized meal planning/recipe database and 20% supplement discount

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