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Unforked is a mental wellness podcast for evolving folks who desire to turn up the heat on their health, relationship to self, and highest potential.

Here, you’ll receive tasty, unfiltered conversations about topics surrounding functional, holistic nutrition and mental health from DNA-based, registered dietitian and mental wellness specialist, Haley Schroth.

Together, we’ll explore and experiment with mind, body, soul practices so that you can align with and confidently step into your most flavorful, fulfilled life.

It’s sweet. It’s savory. And it’ll spice up your life.

Let’s dig in!

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Example Topics I Can Jam On:

  • Epigenetics & DNA-based nutrition (Including how nutrigenomics can support mental health and decrease symptoms)
  • The intersection of trauma, nutrition, & health habits
    • How trauma support can help improve health outcomes
    • Emotional eating, mental wellness, and trauma
    • How a dysregulated nervous system impacts digestion and eating habits and influences our need/desire for specific nutrients
  • Health habits that negatively impact food choices and perpetuate dysregulated eating habits
  • Sustainable habit change for folks who are struggling with their mental and physical health

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“Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to 32 Harmful Health Effects, Study Shows” 

“The prevalence of ultra-processed foods in the American diet is complex, intertwined with our food system’s capitalist foundations, mass media, food subsidies, and a lack of widespread education on sustainable, healthful eating practices,” functional dietitian Haley Schroth tells Clean Plates.”

Consumer Affairs

“Just How Harmful is Ultra-Processed Food?” 

“Haley Schroth, a registered dietician at The Fulfilled Fork, says identifying ultra-processed food is fairly straightforward. They’re often the sweet and savory packaged snacks, pre-prepared dishes, and ‘fortified’ meal substitutes that fill supermarket shelves,” Schroth told ConsumerAffairs. “By focusing on improving the quality of our diet and incorporating these foods mindfully and sparingly, we can significantly reduce our disease risk and foster better mental health.”

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