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Holistic Mental Wellness Services

Ready to Take Your Life Back? Join Us at the Table for Holistic Wellness Support to Reclaim Your Health & Wholeness

The Fulfilled Fork Framework

Private Coaching

Private holistic, nutrition and mental health lifestyle coaching is The Fulfilled Fork’s most intimate offering for courageous folks who are ready to turn on their healing, presence, and embodiment of mind-body-soul wellness. One-on-one coaching is for you if you are experiencing cravings to expand your awareness and align your energy with your innermost values so that you can cook up your most flavorful, fulfilling life.

What’s included:

  • Personalized, holistic nutrition & mental health coaching on nutrition, movement, empowerment, nervous system regulation, and lifestyle 
  • Private Zoom coaching calls with Haley – each call will be tailored to suit your unique preferences, lifestyle, needs, and desires
  • Customizable personalized meal plans, (discounted) supplement regimens, and lifestyle recommendations based on your health history, symptoms, lifestyle, needs, intuition, preferences, and genetic testing (if applicable)
  • Access to TFF’s exclusive, easy-to-digest library of education, tools, and resources on nutrition, sleep, journaling, meditation, movement, goals, mindset, and MORE as applicable to your coaching needs
  • Option to add additional functional lab testing including nutritional genetic testing, hormones, microbiome, minerals, vitamins, etc. as needed (this is an additional fee not included in the initial investment of the private coaching package)

Private Coaching Menu

À La Carte Sessions | $300 Initial | $200 Follow Up

The initial coaching session investment is $300 for a total of 90 minutes.

After that, each 60 minute follow up coaching session is $200.

À La Carte Session Process: During your initial session, Haley will suggest a recommended number of coaching sessions per month, if applicable. You may choose to have one session total or many – whatever best suits your lifestyle and desires. Once you’ve had an initial session with Haley, you will be provided a private link to book your follow up sessions as your hunger strikes or book out in advance. If preferred, you may book Table D’Hôte packages of sessions.

Additionally, à la carte sessions make for an excellent maintenance coaching plan.

Table d’Hôte Package | $1600 Pay In Full or $400/month

This package is made of two 60-minute private coaching sessions per month plus private chat access for between sessions. The initial appointment for new clients is 90 minutes. 

Private Coaching Add-On

Nutrigenomic Testing

Here at TFF, we use nutrigenomics to tap into your genetic blueprint and inform your mind-body-soul healthcare practices. You’ll gain your original recipe: the one where you learn how to eat and live with your DNA in mind.

Nutrigenomic Testing | $400 (One 3×4 Test & Assessment)

To add nutritional genetic testing (including my library of nutrigenomics resources) to any of your à la carte sessions or table d’hôte packages, you may do so for an additional investment of $400.

Let Haley know if you would like to dig in to nutrigenomic testing and she will send a link to purchase. Once purchased, Haley will place the order for your test. Tests currently available for US clients only. Tests ship via FexEx and do not deliver to PO Boxes.

Introductory Investment: $400 total for One 3×4 Genetic Test (Valued at $300) with lifetime access to TFF’s nutrigenomics resources (including future updates!).

*This investment will increase over time as the nutrigenomic resource library expands.

TFF Framework Resource Library & Meal Plan

Nutrition & Mental Wellness Library Membership

Not ready for private coaching or looking for a lower cost option for support with your mental and physical health?

Gain access to all of TFF’s exclusive, easy-to-digest library of education, tools, and resources on nutrition, sleep, journaling, meditation, movement, goals, mindset, and MORE (excluding nutrigenomics resources) with this membership of exclusive holistic resources to improve your mental and physical health.

Eliminate the guess-work, hours of DIY-research, and confusion by having actionable, evidence-based resources in your pantry at all times.

You’ll Gain Instant Access to:

  • Access to 50+ evidence-based handouts, guides, and actionable worksheets on holistic nutrition & lifestyle topics ranging from habit building, condition-specific guidelines (PCOS, thyroid, diabetes, depression, & more!), to sleep hygiene and joyful movement 
  • Healthy, seasonally inspired recipes that are designed to reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar, and improve your nutrient status to support your mental health from the inside-out
  • Ability to request future resources for the library (new content added monthly)
  • Bonus Q&A call recordings from Haley uploaded to the library to answer your burning questions about the resources throughout the year 

Holistic Nutrition & Mental Health Resource Library Investment

Library Membership | $11/month or $121/year (1 month free!)

The Library Membership features all of the resources described above.

Library + Meal Plan Membership | $26/month or $286/year (1 month free!)

The Anti-Inflammatory Mental Wellness Meal Plan addition harnesses the power of culinary medicine and epigenetics to support your mental and physical health. How? It features powerful ingredients that give you the biggest return on your ingestion and nourishes your body; starting with your cells.

*The Resource Library Investments are currently an introductory offer; meaning the price will increase over time as the resource collection expands. Become a founding member at the introductory price.

Cancel your membership anytime. No hard feelings.

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