Ep 17: How to Ditch Symptom Patching and Embrace Healthy Lasting Habits

Published on: Jun 24, 2024

Have you ever felt that conventional healthcare just patches up your symptoms with no lasting results?

You’re not alone. In this latest episode of Unforked, we explore the power of holistic nutrition and mental wellness. It offers a new perspective on achieving true health, highlighting the flaws in traditional health, lifestyle, and diet approaches. By adopting a holistic, trauma-informed, and epigenetics-based view of mental wellness, the episode shows how personalized recommendations can tackle root causes of your health concerns and help you build healthy lasting habits.

The Importance of Personal Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are personal and unique for everyone. This episode stresses the importance of caring for your body, mind, and soul to achieve genuine health. It explains how moving from struggling to surviving to thriving requires nutrition support and lifestyle changes. By examining gut health, detoxification, and oxidative stress, listeners can understand their vital roles in achieving true health.

A Holistic, Trauma-Informed, and Epigenetics-Based Approach

A core theme in this episode is the holistic, trauma-informed, and epigenetics-based approach to health. This way of thinking goes beyond conventional methods by considering each person’s unique health blueprint, values, and trauma history. It recognizes that one-size-fits-all solutions often fail to address the root causes of health issues. Instead, it advocates for personalized recommendations that lead to long-term success in your physical and mental well-being.

Exploring the Importance of Gut Health and Detoxification

The episode also explores the importance of gut health and detoxification on mental wellness. Gut health is crucial for overall well-being, affecting everything from mental clarity to immune function. Detoxification helps the body eliminate toxins and function at its best. The episode emphasizes the need for sustainable detox practices (not the quick fixes “detoxes” like pills and juice cleanses that you’re commonly sold) that support long-term health.

Managing Oxidative Stress Through Nutrition and Lifestyle

Oxidative stress is another important topic that is often overlooked in conventional healthcare. This occurs when there’s an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants, leading to cell damage. In the episode, we discuss how managing oxidative stress through nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve your health and lower the risk of chronic diseases.

Bottom Line

The episode invites you to embark on your personal health and wellness journey. By embracing holistic mental wellness and considering the whole individual, true health can be achieved. Whether through private coaching, the Calibrate program, or the Ignite Your Mental Wellness training, there are options for everyone at different stages of their wellness journey.

In summary, this episode of Unforked highlights the limitations of conventional healthcare and emphasizes the need for a personalized, trauma-informed, holistic approach. By adopting a root cause approach that considers you, the individual, you can transform your approach to health and achieve long-term success and healthier, lasting habits.

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